marketing budget management solution
based on AI and machine learning

reach THE

You Focus,

AI assists

User friendly interface

Easy to learn, easy to use, fast to master.

Automatic AI feedback and advice

Get up-to-date info and suggestions from the machine-learning assistant.

Multiple campaigns and team-members

Easy to set-up, track and coordinate campaigns, team-members and roles.

Reporting & analysis

Analyze campaigns and budget execution, gain valuable insight.

Available as SaaS or on-premise install

Can be deployed over cloud as SaaS or in your datacenter.

Synergy between humans and AI

YOU know the whole context of the business, the AI & mathematical algorithms empower your team.


Be a marketing HERO

Marketing Analyst

  • Embrace the data and surface it.
  • Unlock insights from connected data.
  • Use AI models to predict future behaviour.
  • Uncover the truth of a business issue.

Gain incredible insights

Keep innovating to deliver VALUE to your company.
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Brand Manager

  • Define budgets factoring in the objectives and internal & external constraints.
  • Plan and manage the team & your campaigns.

Gain valuable insights

Follow-up and analyze the campaigns and budget execution.
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  • Multi accounts.
  • Advanced custom reports.
  • Easy onboarding.

Gain power and clarity

Manage clients, teams, budgets and campaigns.
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