Marketing Analyst

Increase the Value delivered to your Company

Advanced features

Fast to master. Tweak details and maximize results.

Automatic tools

Minimize human errors. Save time on recurring tasks.

All in 1

All your campaigns' data in one place.

External data

AI assistance for campaign optimization, based on external data.

Realtime updates. Alerts

Be up to date at ALL times. Automatic notifications for unexpected conditions.

Comprehensive reports

Get the BIG picture. Drill into any necessary details.

Brand Manager

Reach objectives. Analyze execution.


Set campaign objectives. Focus on reaching them. Refine them based on up-to-date feedback.

Campaign scheduling

Life-time, monthly, weekly and daily budgets.


Define and follow-up. Reallocations can be done automatically.

Lead your Team

Manage the team - its roles and constraints. Get feedback. Focus on results.

Birds' eye view

Custom dashboard for each campaign. Focus on critical details. Be informed at a glimpse.

Reporting and feedback

Filter data based on specific criteria. Include external data (analytics etc.) Update campaign parameters based on feedback.


Increase results. Decrease management time.

Multi account

Manage multiple companies, projects, users and roles. Create custom dashboards for clients.

Custom reports

Advanced tailor-made reports. Reporting tools to further customize them.

Easy onboarding

Intuitive interface. Comprehensive training materials and courses to bring client teams up to speed.

Increased efficiency

Handle mode clients and more tasks, improve the campaigns' results.

Big data

Automatically process large amounts of relevant data, gain crucial insights, apply them with agility.

Advanced automation

Tweak and apply AI suggestions. Automagically generate insightful reports. Relax.

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